Today’s businesses interest in the cloud is growing due to reliability, lower cost of operations or expanding business opportunities.

However, migrating your business workload to the cloud requires planning. As a starting point we provide our clients with Cloud Readiness assessment.

Providing a clear picture on existing physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. Helping businesses identify the ideal cloud platform and configuration by understanding your business workflow, application workload, performance metrics and your overall cloud goals.

√   Performance Assessment

Comprehensive analysis on your current infrastructure compute resources, IOPS, and storage down to server level as well as your business applications.


√   Forecasting

Make better decisions by running assessment based on multiple scenarios (cloud platforms, regions, instance types, and pricing plans).


√   Applications and Workload Assessment

Identify your applications and workloads cloud candidates and eliminating guess work in your cloud migration.

√   Choice of Cloud

Whether you interested in Azure or AWS, we help identify the right cloud platform for your workload and applications based on cost, performance and workload types.

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