At Wise Tech we firm believers that a well planned and managed WiFi network, will provide flexibility and coverage to provide continuous coverage throughout the office.

When planning a WiFi deployment, we take into consideration number of factors: number of clients, type of traffic, number of devices, the amount of throughput on the network, number of access points to deploy and where to install them.

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WiFi devices connected


Network Monitoring is considered one of the most important and critical steps in maintaining a healthy WiFi network. Network outage can have significant impact on the business operations, employee’s performance, and company’s ability to deliver.

To ensure optimal performance of all the network components, we deploy network monitoring tools to identify the problems before they happen. We then proactively act on these warning to prevent and stop them from escalating into network outages.

Our platform is very flexible and provides the ability to monitor the entire WiFi infrastructure remotely.


To attract more customers many business offer FREE WiFi as part of their on-site guest services . Is your WiFi adequately sized and configured to support additional traffic?

Wise Tech Group can assess and setup your existing WiFi infrastructure to allow customer to register and access your WiFi. Guest network will be secured and private. We can limit WiFi resources allocated to your guests, such as speed and bandwidth. Advertisement can be added to your guest network when they register to promote your sponsors or business products.

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