CCTV Design

     In today’s fast moving world of changing technologies, CCTV is no exception. CCTV technology solutions come in many flavors, so it is very important that you choose the right solution for your needs.

     CCTV IP based systems are the future of the tomorrow surveillance. Converting images and sound into digital data and transporting it over IP network, carries great benefits to the business. The key benefits of digital solutions over previous analog systems are greater flexibility, lower cost, higher quality images.

     Wise Tech Group CCTV engineers can provide IP based surveillance solutions, based on the latest technology.

     Whether you want to implement a brand new CCTV system or upgrade your existing infrastructure.  Our CCTV designs solutions will be based on your requirements for future growth, while taking into consideration existing investment.

     With our wide range of in house experts, which include network and server engineers, our CCTV design recommendations will include all aspects of the overall solution.

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